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I am so tired of this endless dissatisfaction between art bloggers, criticising other blogs on the basis of subjective bullshit. e.g. Oh art bloggers are so snob; this art blogger doesn’t even really like art; these pretentious quotes are such a drag; and the list goes on. 

To all these, specifically, art bloggers. Go fuck yourself. 

I don’t work in a museum nor do I have a degree in arts, or even have the intention to get one. This doesn’t keep me from being fascinated by art on a day-by-day basis. Quite frankly I enjoy the aesthetics, the layering of a message within a work or even the ‘Treytakov’ ( Russian constructivist) approach of merely observing the life cycle of a mass produced object.

The mutability of our increasing globalised, digitised world allows us to create our own stories in art. Every post becomes a visual abstraction generating new context by what follows it up or has been there before.
Recgonised or not.

This brought me to Tumblr, where I can openly write, look at and enjoy these little things. For once in my life, I can be the curator in my own museum, portraying an interwoven story of my personal life and sharing what I deem interesting or aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t like it, go eat a bowl of cereal and focus on your own blog, instead of throwing around mud. 



But in ten years we cry about other things, my grandmother always says.



But in ten years we cry about other things, my grandmother always says.

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To the men who have told me that I’m overreacting and “it’s the 21st century women are equal now”


That 77 cents thing is only for white women… It’s even less for women of colour

Thanks for reminding us of that! ^

In the reverse

A white man makes $1.24 for every dollar that a white woman makes

A white man makes $1.44 for every dollar that a black woman makes

A white man makes $1.67 for every dollar that a latina woman makes

Credit: http://joseph-in-the-world.tumblr.com/post/70389189943/a-white-man-makes-1-34-for-every-dollar-that-a

This is important. I wonder what the stats are in Australia?
Indigenous people earn so little on average thanks to apartheid that’s going on…and they’re not allowed to handle their own money

I feel like such a dick for doing this but some of these facts are plainly incorrect. 

A lot of statistics including unicefs research on property division in the sub Saharan regions point out that at least 10% of property is owned by women. Not including communal property. Exact statistics are not readily available as it is hard to measure. Although this fact is false, it still shows that men own a lot more per capita than women. The extent of gender inequality is still crazy.

Illiteracy numbers among the world populace according to UNESCO are 1 on 5, two third of which are women. With a grand total of 3 billion women in the world the number comes to 33%. 

20% of 7.17 = 1.4340 - All illiterates 
66% of 1.4340 = 0.94644 - Number of illiterate women
Numbers in billions. 

Literacy is an essential foundation for development and prosperity. Investment in literacy under women helps in development of countries.

According to numbers by the FBI in 2006, 94472 instances of rape occurred. Which leads to an easy math problem. 94472/365= 258.8

Less than half of the above suggested number.

To clarify, yes I am male and yes I identify as a feminist but no I do not see anything in supporting factually wrong statements. Although the numbers represented in the photoset above do not always reflect the correct numbers, they still do reflect gender equality among us, which in this day and age should become a thing of the past.


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I want to die more than anything in the world :)

fucking useless cunt


what the heck is this

Put an egg in your shoe and beat it son. 


what the heck is this

Put an egg in your shoe and beat it son. 

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I’m ashamed of my body
I’m ashamed of my thoughts
I’m ashamed of myself
I’m ashamed of my successes 
I’m ashamed of failures
I’m ashamed of speaking up
I’m ashamed of being